Photography by Anna Lee Flaherty and Brittani Borden

Our Mission

The McChicken® Project’s goal is simply to provide an inexpensive meal, a drink, and a blanket to the homeless.



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  • A Seed was Planted

    The McChicken® project grew from a sincere desire of some college friends that attend Loyola University Maryland to help feed the homeless of Baltimore. Instead of going out on a Friday night, four college roommates decided that it would be better to help the homeless.

  • Then it grew...

    At first they fed a few homeless people inexpensive but nutritious McChicken® sandwiches. They were surprised by the gratefulness of the homeless. They went out again and this time they fed over 20 homeless people.

  • ...and grew!

    They were shocked by the need that seemed never ending. They decided to create a larger scale project to feed the homeless of Baltimore and to encourage other college student around the country to do the same. Thus was born the McChicken® Project.

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