Photography by Anna Lee Flaherty and Brittani Borden

Our Mission

The McChicken® Project’s goal is simply to provide an inexpensive meal, a drink, and a blanket to the homeless.


The McChicken Project- 2018

The McChicken Project is excited to start another year of giving! Thank you to all of our supporters along the way so far! Stay tuned for more updates and please spread the word to help this project grow bigger than ever before! Any and all donations go a long way in helping the homeless community and those less fortunate, they can be made directly through our website: Also a special shoutout to Matt Fede for this amazing video from last year! -The McChicken Project

Posted by The McChicken Project on Monday, September 24, 2018


  • A Seed was Planted

    The McChicken® project grew from a sincere desire of some college friends that attend Loyola University Maryland to help feed the homeless of Baltimore. Instead of going out on a Friday night, four college roommates decided that it would be better to help the homeless.

  • Then it grew...

    At first they fed a few homeless people inexpensive but nutritious McChicken® sandwiches. They were surprised by the gratefulness of the homeless. They went out again and this time they fed over 20 homeless people.

  • ...and grew!

    They were shocked by the need that seemed never ending. They decided to create a larger scale project to feed the homeless of Baltimore and to encourage other college student around the country to do the same. Thus was born the McChicken® Project.

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